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Pam Summers

"Having an empowered & positive birth"

What is a Doula?

The word comes from ancient Greek and refers to a woman experienced in childbirth giving support to the mother in many ways

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • informational

before, during and after the birth of her baby.

A Doula also facilitates communication between the mother partner, and her health care providers.

My Mission:

To support and enhance one of the greatest moments of childbearing women.

A family is born in the delivery room!

The Birth Of a Baby Is The Greatest Gift Of All

Positive benefits of having Doula Services:

  • less interventions
  • shorter labors
  • less % of cesarean
  • less need for induction
  • reduction of forceps and extraction use
  • less requests for pain medication and epidurals
  • less postpartum depression with mothers
  • babies breastfeed easier
  • shorter hospital stays
  • fewer admissions to special care nurseries
  • reduction of overall cost of care
  • immediate information to make informed decisions

Knowing Your Doula

My role is to benefit you and bring relief to your partner. As a massage doula I feel it is a HONOR to assist you in the calmness of letting go and working with the natural rhythms of childbirth. I help you understand options and give support in bringing forth your own empowered ideal birth, by nurturing your inner strength and courage, helping you find wisdom within yourself, providing comfort measures for the body and meditation for the spirit and soul. Birth becomes best when interfered with as little as possible and as much as necessary. I believe there is no greater "Miracle" than the "Birth of a Baby"! Available for pregnancy, labor, birth and some postpartum work.

The mother is the star!

"boy"             "girl"

They are a sympathetic & knowledgeable labor companion who provide prenatal preparation, educating for informed decisions & once labor starts, stays at your side until the baby is born, making you as comfortable as possible.

Letting nature take it's course!


"Today is the day before my firstborn’s 4th birthday. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I knew that I wanted a natural, drug-free birth. There is no doubt that my doula, Pamela Summers, helped me achieve that goal. My husband was a wonderful comfort and hand-holder in the delivery room, but I feel that Pam was the one who really helped me to the finish line. She had amazing techniques, positions and massages to get me through the most horrible contractions. Her presence was very positive, soothing, peaceful and loving. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I called her right away. And if and when I ever have any more babies, I would be very honored to have her as my doula again."
      ~Jean S., Independence, MO

The Postpartum Resource Center of Kansas:

Helping families deal with the challenges of adjusting to life after the birth of a child